honest review of york maze

York Maze

York Maze review: Our family day out the the maize maze

It’s easy to lose yourself at York Maze. It’s an attraction that rewards a bit of effort – the more you put in, the more you get out. Provided you can find your way out, that is.

The main attraction is the giant maize maze, but there is so much more to enjoy and the decent pricing, high-quality food and superb staff make it a family day out that’s difficult to beat.

Entry costs £15.50 for adults (or £14.50 if booked online in advance), while children from three to 15 pay £14.50 or £13.50.

York Maze review
Kasper and Natalie in the giant maze

Admittedly, that’s not cheap but there’s enough to keep guests of all ages interested for the full day, even in poor weather.

The maze is in farmland in Elvington, a few miles east of York, and is easy to find. There’s loads of parking and regular buses to the site.

Review of York Maze
Kasper has a breather

There’s a different theme every year and 2017 was dedicated to Star Wars, much to the delight of Kasper and James. Natalie is less of a fan but, in truth, the theme really didn’t matter, it was just a bit of added fun to the giant maze.

York Maze is not open all year round but does host events outside summer such as on bonfire night and at Halloween. Check the events diary

As well as the main maze, there’s a maze of illusions (that’s testing on the eyes), a mineshaft maze (that’s hard on the knees) and finger fortune maze (that’s messy and requires thorough hand-washing afterwards).

York Maze family day out
Kasper collects his medal from the weaners’ enclosure

There’s an obstacle course, jumping pillow, climbing zone and slides and a host of other activities for kids to enjoy but there’s also plenty on offer for adults and older children.

The highlight for us was the York Maze Pig Race, complete with its catchy YMCA-inspired theme song.

Yep. This was a real pig race. With real pigs really racing and guests being invited to “sponsor” (the venue does not have a gambling licence) a pig for the chance to win a price.

mini golf among activities at York Maze
Corn on the club mini golf

The park generally was a pun-fest (The House of Cornfusion, a “crowbot” show and Crowmania were among the attractions) but the pig race stole the show. Spectators could back pigs including Eddie Irswine, Timo Hock and Gerhard Ham-Berger and, if they were lucky enough to back the champion, were invited to collect a medal from the weaners’ enclosure.

York Maze rating
Natalie and Kasper get a better view

The races take place a few times each day and each one is made enjoyable thanks to the venue staff, whose enthusiasm is infectious.

As for food, plenty of families took picnics but the food available to buy was really well priced and of nice quality.

Even those with a poor sense of direction should find something to love about York Maze.

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